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Our Story

Hi, I’m Nicolle Laviolette and I am the owner and creator of ConVino Board. My passion for charcuterie started years ago when I picked up a love for entertaining and expressing my creativity through preparing cheese & deli meats aesthetically on a board for friends and family.

One night, a few glasses deep in vino, I started looking at charcuterie boards more critically and what that experience was missing. Two things stood out to me: people wanted to learn how to make a charcuterie board and they needed a high quality board to put their items on.

ConVino Board was created with the following key unique features….

  • A hole to fit a wine bottle (because who doesn’t love charcuterie with vino)
  • Side divot to make it easier to lift and a handle to make the board functional and double as a home décor piece. 
  • The board had to be HIGH quality - so it is handmade with 100% black walnut wood.

Next, I thought about the most time consuming part- which was what went on charcuterie boards. Like many hostesses, I aim to please- I understand it can take hours researching what pairs well together in order to make the perfect board. I realized how difficult this must be for people and created ConVino spread cards which include a grocery list, wine pairing and placement picture to make creating the display of people’s board easier! This spread card comes with the ConVino Board so people can learn how to charcuterie at home.

For those looking for a more hands on experience I wanted to offer virtual charcuterie classes. These classes would be ideal for groups, socials and corporate teams as a way to connect remotely while learning a new skill.

ConVino Virtual Charcuterie Classes

This is perfect for those who would like to enhance their cheese & charcuterie skills in a team building setting on zoom. We go through step by step how to put a charcuterie spread together. I have class options to suit every budget! From attendees shopping for their own items with a grocery list provided by me, to all inclusive events where charcuterie items are delivered doorstep. 


This is ConVino Board. Teaching you how to charcuterie.






Nicolle Laviolette

Owner and Founder